WipWare Inc

Sizing material since 1995

WipWare designs and manufactures industry-leading fragmentation analysis software and hardware systems.

WipWare Inc. - Sizing material since 1995

Since its inception in 1995, WipWare photographic analysis technology provides real-time material size analysis to hundreds of companies in field, laboratory or production settings around the globe and beyond. You can find WipWare particle size analysis technology in underground and surface mining, in quarries, aggregate, forestry, coal and the explosives industries to name a few. You’ll also find it taking test samples on Mars, helping build seawalls in Tierra del Fuego and perfecting scrambled eggs in Minneapolis.

Fragmentation Analysis focuses on analysing fragmented material through a manual or automated sieving process. WipWare’s photo analysis software systems offer an automated real-time fragmentation analysis solution with extreme accuracy. It removes the need to use manual sieving techniques.

WipWare offers stationary and portable photo analysis systems for conveyors, haulage trucks and site-specific locations.

Monitor, Measure and Manage Material: On Conveyors or on Vehicles.

More information on our Photo analysis systems page.

Because you can’t manage what you can’t measure!


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