Sand Classifying Systems

Sand Classifying is one of our favourite subjects!

Over the years we have supplied over 150 Eagle Iron Works Classifying tanks all over Europe, making it the most common system for highly demanding (sand) plants. Many of those are located in Germany and the Netherlands, where the requirements for (concrete) sand are on a very high level. But also in other countries we experience an increasing demand for higher quality. Obviously many dam and tunnel projects use our technology.

The secret of the system is definitely in the control system, that makes all the difference. Our Syscom Tank Control System has been developed based on many years of experience, aiming to optimise the use of your valuable resources.

Classifying tanks stand out in high efficiency, easy to control and low maintenance- and running cost.
Since the Eagle Classifying tank will simultaneously produce two controlled and one uncontrolled product, they are very suitable for producing large quantities of high spec sands of a very constant quality, also with a fluctuating feed. A single tank can handle over 400 mt/h!

Obviously, since every project, country, raw feed and sand specification might require a different approach, there are different ways to reach Rome.

For example when the material is polluted with wood, lignite or coal particles, the use of an Allmineral Allflux can be very effective in combining deligniting and classifying in one machine. Like the classifying tanks, one (large) Allmineral Allflux can handle over 400 mt/h, which make them very efficient and effective.

Another situation could require the production of many different types/specs of sand, sold and transported in smaller quantities like truckloads. In that case, a McLanahan “recipe” or “inline blending” system could be the best solution.

And finally, it could also be the case that your situation can be handled in a simple way.
So please do not hesitate to ask us for help finding the best possible solution!