Washing equipment

Over the years we have supplied hundreds of washers for many different applications. So we do know what machine is best suitable for your application.

Fine material washers

Ideal and cost effective machine for dewatering and washing. Also very suitable for washing out the excess fines from a dredged or quarried material. Ask us for details!

Coarse material washers

Very versatile machines for many applications in gravel and recycling. In Coarse Material washers, the shaft can be configured with both conveyor flights and paddles. With the smaller machines, the flight and paddle hubs are clamped to the shaft, so the configuration can be changed within a few hours!

Coarse Material Washers are very suitable for dusty deposits or material contaminated with soluble clay or lighter particles like wood or plastic.

Log washers

The heaviest scrubbing you can get! The Eagle Iron Works Log Washers are extremely solid and rugged machines. With around 1 kW per ton installed power, this machine is suitable for scrubbing material contaminated with tough clay or high volumes of silt.